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It's beautiful, it's unique, it's investment. Real estate is my passion

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“It’s beautiful, it’s unique, it’s investment. Real estate is my passion.” Ada Foo

The Beauty in real estate lies in the building’s architecture and its tangible story as an historical landmark. Every property is Unique in terms of its layout, size and even to the renovations. Real estate is an Investment, which makes your money work hard for you through capital appreciation and rental income. 

My motto has always been sincere and provides the best service to the fullest of my knowledge. This is to achieve a long-term relationship, for I strongly believe that this achievement is far more valuable than getting the highest commission from a single deal. Ensuring the best interest of my clients in getting their dream, desired property or price (whether for own use or investment) has always been my top priority.

With such beliefs, I strongly believe that I am the right agent to best serve your interest. Not only am I a graduate from Curtin University, Bachelor of Commerce Double Major in Marketing & Advertising, but being in the real estate industry is part of my passion. That is the reason why I have chosen this career path after I graduated.

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Ada Foo
OFFICE & SHOP SPACE, BComm (Marketing & Advertising), Marketing Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3002382K / R043366J
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